Caption 1: * Perpetual Light

aS MANy as the stars .....
so many years without you--
how many have passed out of sight?
......without the touch of eternal life support.............................................
in my interpretation, we diminished like the stars that passed as transient though existed for millennium and finite, unless we lie and rely on the perpetual light to ever shine.


Caption 1: * Pure Mantle

In tribute and admiration of this verse of a fatherly poet.....
Over this, your white grave
the flowers of life in white--
......with the touch of comic.............................................
in my interpretation, in honor of a wonderful Person, our Universal Mother.

Comic Scribble: Theme Lamps: Collection Piece #1

 Caption 1: Lamp Ahead

This can be a allegory of an artful soul who has a lamp upon him that contains and heads his creative mind that spurs his every note. His note can be a musical note or what he stands for to give to the world. 

This lamp can be his tavern where he creates and lights up where the goodness he ignites is brought above for the world to see.... to see not the world in its exteriority but the inner world as well. It is a path that is illuminated, a directed and clear one and full of vigour and warmth. 

Like the sun that give light to the world, his lamp melts the dark, firstly from within then radiates all around him.

Comic Scribble: Rex

Caption 1: REX, RElaX !

yES THIS scribble MAKes IT A heAVY WEIghT NOT TO creATe any TRoubLE HERE OR WATCH OUT FOR its MENACING whip THat will cerTAINLY have ONE UNDER HIs TAIL IF not his thumb.

the intTEnse PART Of thE SCRibblE IS THE ConveRGENCE OF his TaiL and his BoDy that makes the WHOLE SCribbLe aLIVE. OMIt iT and IT BECOmes unnOTiced, flAT AND everYTHING thAT falls SHoRt.

So COntINUE to scRIBBLe ART loVers ANd create VERY intensE WOrkS TO shaREXXXX !

Comic Scribble: Whoosh

Caption 1: Push through the limits.

Hi art appreciators, here's somethin to share in this scribble. This dormant looking man actually delivers a punch or push or something that onlookers have to complete the comic caption. That is what the comic aims to deliver, that you tell the story  as you can see that the extended arm shows no end and the other side originates from without.

The powerful word scribble is actually whoosh to sound out in words presented in bold signature type of scibble to endorse and give the punch to the whole representation. Try removing it and the vitality is muted.

Don't you feel that the signature scibble tickles the serious guy who seem to smile a little or trying to let go of the sterness. Don't you also feel the straight horizontals gives speed in contrast to the wound up scribble?

Hope you can continue to explore and appreciate the whole composition that acts as one.

Comic Scribble: Jumping over the Moon

Caption 1: Skippy-y!

How does this scribble feels? For me this is a very "stable" composition and the piece is much at rest yet motion is achieved by the wriggly scribble lines raised and arms stretched.

That's what the power of scribble can express and more interestingly when used with tonal colours a 3 dimensional image is formed that goes well with the title.

" Jumping over the moon" certainly express the anticipated mood of joy by the colors and scribbles.

Comic Scribble: Water Shark

Caption 1: ARRSHARKS!

This is a happy and friendly shark that gives you the signature style and strong accent with its bold lines and pointed connected strokes.

All in all the whole scribble is not over crowded and have the effect of movement especially effected by the 2 stroked water waves that gives the shark above water feel and scene that elevates the fun and jest of the whole presentation t a glance and more.