Comic Scribble: Whoosh

Caption 1: Push through the limits.

Hi art appreciators, here's somethin to share in this scribble. This dormant looking man actually delivers a punch or push or something that onlookers have to complete the comic caption. That is what the comic aims to deliver, that you tell the story  as you can see that the extended arm shows no end and the other side originates from without.

The powerful word scribble is actually whoosh to sound out in words presented in bold signature type of scibble to endorse and give the punch to the whole representation. Try removing it and the vitality is muted.

Don't you feel that the signature scibble tickles the serious guy who seem to smile a little or trying to let go of the sterness. Don't you also feel the straight horizontals gives speed in contrast to the wound up scribble?

Hope you can continue to explore and appreciate the whole composition that acts as one.

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